How and Where to Get Rid of a Scrap Car

get rid of scrap car

Are you wondering how and where to get rid of a scrap car?

Are you wondering how to get rid of a scrap car, but think it might still have some value? Even if your car may no longer run, you can still make a profit off of it.

Taking a car to a scrap yard is far from your only option these days. It may not even be the best option. Did you know, there are scrap car buyers who will scrap a car for cash?

In this guide, you’ll learn all of the most profitable ways to get rid of your unwanted vehicle.

Before You Get Rid Of a Scrap Car

There are many benefits to scrapping your car. For many people, it is both a  convenient and lucrative option.

Before you decide to sell your scrap car for cash, it is important to do your homework.

Think your car won’t run? First, take it to a mechanic or technician and make sure you’re not getting rid of a working vehicle.

Get the Vehicle Checked Out

Have your mechanic assess the vehicle for overall functioning. You should also ask your mechanic to assess the value of the individual parts of the vehicle.

Assessing the car will help you get an accurate understanding of its total value. It is important to know the value of the thing you plan to sell.

If your car still runs, it might be worth trying to sell it as a working vehicle. On the other hand, it might also be in your best interest to continue driving the vehicle until you can save up for a new one.

In some instances, it turns out the car won’t run, but the parts still retain their value. In this case, your best bet would be to sell the vehicle for parts.

Make sure to check out this article full of tips for what to do before you scrap your vehicle.

How to Get Rid Of a Scrap Car

Once you’ve determined that your vehicle is beyond (affordable) repair, it’s time to take a look at all of the options for disposing of it. Some of the following options involve profiting off of the scrap vehicle, while others do not.

Sell Your Car or Trade It In

Some dealerships will offer to buy your car without a trade-in, but many will only do this if you are planning to buy a car from their dealership. Take your car to a local dealership and ask them to assess its value.

The dealership will give you a quote which you can either accept or decline. In most circumstances, the dealership will give you a discount equal to the assessed value of your scrap car on the purchase of a new car.

Sell Your Car Independently

If you cannot find a dealership that will buy your car without the purchase of a new car, you may decide to sell your car on your own.

This can be done by posting an ad online or placing a for sale sign on your car and parking it in public view.

The keys to selling your car yourself are: be honest about the condition of the car, set a fair price, and have all of your car’s paperwork in order. You will need to have the title, bill of sale, and maintenance records.

Donate Your Car

Many people think donating their car provides no benefit to them individually. However, even though you won’t get cash for your car, the charity you donate your car to will give you a tax credit receipt for the market value of the car.

This means you can deduct the value of the car from your taxes. It is also an excellent way to give back to your community. Spend some time researching which charities in your area accept vehicles.

Recycle Your Car

Another option you can feel good about is recycling your vehicle. Rather than letting your vehicle sit for decades in a scrap yard, entrust it to a program that will recycle it properly.

You’ll feel great for having done the earth a favour, and you will probably make some cash for choosing an ethical alternative to junkyards as well.

Sell Your Car to a Scrapyard

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a scrap car is to call a junk service and have it towed to a scrapyard. Many junk companies will pay you for your scrap vehicle because they can turn around and sell it for parts.

In some cases, the parts are worth more than the vehicle itself. Even if you think your vehicle or a part of your vehicle is junk, there is likely someone out there who will pay for and make great use of that part.

Many people are looking for scrap parts of cars, like radios and other electronics, metal body panels, windshields, and tires. You may find it more lucrative to sell the individual parts of your car, depending on their condition.

If you live near Edinburgh, you may want to take a look at this guide to car scrappage in Edinburgh.

Finding a Scrapyard Near Me

If you’re trying to get rid of a scrap car and want to make some money in the process, you have several options. You can sell your vehicle, trade it in, donate it to a charity, or take it to a recycling centre.

If your car no longer runs, the most profitable option might be selling it to a scrap buyer. If you decide to go this route, consider taking your car to Motor Salvage Group.

Motor Salvage Group is Scotland’s easiest car scrappage service. All you need is your vehicle registration to get a free quote instantly.

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