Car Scrappage in Edinburgh: Your Guide

car scrappage in edinburgh

Here's your guide to car scrappage in Edinburgh

For years you’ve serviced it, washed it, buffed it, and topped its fluids up. But now even you have to admit – it’s an old banger.

Even the most loyal servant reaches the end of its life at some point. As a canny Edinburgh resident, you’ll know when it’s time for a trip to the scrapyard. But what can you expect? How much will you get? Can you scrap a newer car?

Read on for our guide to car scrappage in Edinburgh.

Why Scrap My Car?

There can be many reasons why scrapping your car is a sensible choice. As mentioned above, if it’s past the end of its useful life, it’s probably time for the scrap yard.

MOT Fail

You may also face an MOT-induced d-day. If it fails its MOT by a country mile then you’ve got to weigh up the cost of getting the work done versus the long-term viability of the car. Scrapping it might be your most cost-effective option, giving you a few quid to put towards your next motor.

Also, great news if you don’t have an MOT – you can still scrap your car. Just follow the process below, get it collected, and you’re legal and good to go.

Need Rid ASAP

Some people are just looking to wash their hands of a car asap. Putting it on Gumtree or eBay could be an option, but it takes time. You might have to move abroad at short notice. You might be relocating and need a more reliable vehicle. Or you may simply not have space any longer to keep it.

In all these scenarios and more, it can be the savvy thing to do to head for a scrapyard in Edinburgh. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Get a Quote

The first step in arranging a car scrappage in Edinburgh is getting a quotation from a ‘cash for cars’ company. Something to remember is that you’re getting a quotation, not a valuation. This is an important difference.

You can research online and find a valuation for your vehicle based on its year of manufacture and general condition. This might be higher than the price you’re offered. It’s worth remembering though what you’re getting – a hassle-free way to legally get rid of your car and pocket some cash along the way.

Some companies allow you to enter your registration into their website. Once you’ve completed a few personal details, they’ll give you a quotation in seconds.

Final check – any additional fees should be declared before you make an agreement to sell the car. The most reputable companies provide a quote with no hidden fees. As long as everything is declared correctly, that’s the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll get at the end of the transaction.

How Do They Value the Car?

When you scrap a car in Scotland companies use one of two systems: valuation by weight and valuation by model and year.

The valuation by weight tends to be lower than by year and condition. To get the best deal for your car, try to find one that values by year and condition.

What If My Car Isn’t an Old Banger?

Even if your car isn’t on its last legs, it can still make sense to choose a scrapyard in Edinburgh to get rid of your car.

If you need to part ways with a car that’s less than ten years old though (2011 or after) make sure that you’re not getting scrap value only for it. You should demand a valuation based on age and condition to make sure you’re not being taken for a ride.

Step Two: Arrange a Pickup

If your car is truly on its last legs, then you’ll be glad to know that the best firms for car scrappage in Edinburgh will come and pick up your vehicle. They’ll take it to the closest scrapyard with no hassle for you.

In fact, they may even go beyond Edinburgh. Even if you like way out (well, maybe not the Outer Hebrides) they should be able to arrange a collection as part of the service.

Once you’ve received your quotation, the company will usually be in touch by phone to make arrangements for the pickup. Alternatively, if you and your car are up for it, you can drive it to them yourself and complete the transaction on site.

Step Three: Kerching!

Just before we get to kerching, there are a few legal things to go through.

First of all, by law, you must only scrap your car through an authorised treatment facility (ATF). Once you’ve taken it to them, you need to inform the DVLA.

This can be done online. You’ll need to provide the following details:

  • 11 digit reference number from the vehicle log book (V5C)
  • Scrapyard’s details as the trader you have sold it to

If you want to keep the registration number you can, but you’ll need to discuss this with the DVLA first. The car scrappage service can also provide a Certificate of Destruction – just ask them before handing over the car.

Once you’ve followed all these legal steps you’ll be able to pocket your profits! Plus you’ll have peace of mind from knowing that you are no longer legally responsible for the car in any way.

What Will Happen to my Car?

Cars become a part of us and our history, so you might wonder what happens after you say goodbye.

There are a few options. Depending on the vehicle it will be:

  • crushed
  • broken down for parts
  • repaired and made roadworthy again

So depending on how far gone your car is, there’s a small chance you could see it driving past again!

The Last Word on Car Scrappage in Edinburgh

Deciding to scrap a car is not an easy decision. But when push comes to shove, make sure you choose the best firm. That’ll mean a smooth, legal process for a fair price, with minimal hassle.

At Motor Salvage Group, we offer just that – an honest, easy-to-use, and fast service for car scrappage in Edinburgh. We buy scrap cars across Scotland every day of the week and have legions of satisfied customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get your instant valuation today!

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